"Trust is the glue of life."

Stephen R. Covey


Professional Athletes

I was introduced to Dr. Perrine when I was in Spring Training with the Kansas City Royals in 2005. I had a back surgery early in my professional career and had been seeing chiropractors ever since. I am cautious on who I see, though, and will not let just anybody adjust my body. I trusted Dr. Perrine and felt comfortable with him from day one. I now live in Arizona, and I will make the one hour drive to see him if I require his specialized care.
As professional athletes, we make our living with our bodies and we have to be very careful who we see for chiropractic care. I saw Dr. Perrine and I highly recommend him to you.
— Tony Graffanino


I developed severe sciatica when I was pregnant with my second child. The pain so severe, it would stop me in my tracks. Since I was pregnant, I was hesitant to take any medications. I saw Dr. Perrine for chiropractic care and within a few treatments the pain was manageable and I was more mobile. He also helped me with my flexibility, which was very beneficial during my delivery.
Dr. Perrine’s chiropractic care and empathetic nature made me feel very comfortable. I feel that Dr. Perrine gave me the best possible treatment for the musculoskeletal dysfunctions I experienced during my pregnancy.
— Chi Q. Duong, D.O.


I have been under the care of Dr. Perrine for the past 6 years. To say that I am happy with his guidance is a vast understatement. His devotion to my health goes beyond the normal for a patient/doctor relationship.
He practices true ‘healthcare,’ which has been responsible for keeping me in playing shape for competitive racquetball. No easy mission when it comes to dealing with a 65 years old!
His office visits are always a pleasure and every time I go, I leave feeling better after he has made his assessment and proceeds with his Dr. P adjustment. On top of the adjustment, he monitors my diet and helps me track my nutritional intake.
If that wasn’t enough, he is also helping me improve my restful sleep through acupuncture. His care has aided me regarding a prostate challenge that was waking me through the night.
He is more than a chiropractor to me; he is my friend who affords me a healthier lifestyle.
— Allen Brooks

Knee Pain

I periodically suffer pain in my knees that results in inflammation and swelling for which Dr. Perrine had suggested acupuncture. Not being too thrilled about needles, I was a bit hesitant. However, after watching my Dad go through knee replacement surgery, I decided this was worth a shot.
To my pleasant surprise, the treatments were relatively painless and I experienced almost immediate relief of some of the pain. I have found that it takes as little as two or three sessions sometimes in order to achieve complete resolution. I am now a believer and have since used acupuncture for the relief of other issues related to my hands, feet and upper back. I continue to be amazed by the results and highly recommend using this safe alternative to drugs or surgery.
— Joell Ireland

Neck Pain

I have been in health care for 28 years as a registered Nurse. I have always supported traditional medicine and had never ventured into the realm of alternative treatments. This past year I underwent a very stressful situation, which caused me to experience severe shoulder and neck pain, resulting in frequent headaches.
I went to my internist who provided me with ‘pills’ to ease the pain. I had very poor results with this type of treatment and he then actually suggested I try a chiropractor. Now, you have to understand I was extremely skeptical (I thought they would break my neck during adjustment).
Dr. Perrine was amazing and he did not laugh at my fears. He was supportive, understanding, and spent a great deal of time explaining everything to me. He developed a treatment plan that was specific to my needs. After just a few adjustments I noticed marked improvement in my level of pain.
Dr. Perrine is amazing and his office staff Erin and Kara are exceptionally friendly and accommodating. I am now 100% supportive of this type of treatment and am pain free!
— Mary Luster, R.N.

Shoulder Pain

Being a competitive trap shooter, I needed some relief from chronic shoulder pain. After conventional treatment failed to help, Dr. Perrine suggested a series of acupuncture treatments. Now my shoulder is almost 100% better. I can sleep at night. Also, I can shoot a program of 1,000 targets a week and not hurt for weeks after.
— Sharon Swanson

Kids Perspective

I like chiropractic care because after the first couple weeks there was a change in how I felt, I felt refreshed and loose.
I like adjustments because it loosens your back and loosens the tight bones in your spine. The end of the adjustment is my favorite because he massages your neck and loosens up the muscles in your neck.
My personal favorite treatment is acupuncture. At first I though it was scary because of the needles but it wasn’t. I had them done because of a sinus infection. I went several times for this and it really helped my sinuses.
— Kimberly Kline - Age 10


I used to take a daily maintenance medicine for asthma.  On Dr. Perrine’s advice, I started exercising more and eating healthier (fewer prepared foods and less sugar).   
When I did have an asthma attack several months ago, I called Dr. Perrine’s office to see if acupuncture might provide some relief.  Within a few hours the symptoms were gone, and there were  none of the side effects I used to get from a rescue inhaler.
— Barbara Brown

Trigger Finger

As a Music Therapist, my ability to play guitar on a daily basis is an integral part of my job. Without the proper use of my hands, I wouldn’t be able to make a living. Not long ago a stage light fell from a lighting tree and – while instinctively reaching to rescue the fixture – my fingers were pulled backward by the weight of the falling equipment. Consequently, I developed a ‘trigger finger.’ My finger would suddenly flip open whenever I was attempting to make a fist or enclose my knuckles around an object… or simply attempt to play my guitar. Twice, I had doctors shoot cortisone into the hand, but after a few days the loss of mobility would return.
Next, the doctors were recommending surgery, which held no guarantee for mobility to ever be restored. It was then I discovered Dr. Perrine, who felt acupuncture could be of help. At first, I was apprehensive. In the past, I have fainted at the mere sight of needles – would acupuncture really help? But, David’s kind and gentle demeanor made me feel at ease. The treatment was comfortable and without any negative consequence. After a few short weeks, the treatments were taking hold and my finger was returned back to normal. My guitar playing abilities were restored – and my job saved. Thank you, David!
— Tom Schermitzler


I have been a patient of Dr. Perrine’s since the spring of 2008. In the summer of 2013, he and I began discussing my frustration with failing to conceive. My husband and I had been trying for months. Since we were both over 30, we were anxious to get pregnant as soon as possible. We knew we had no medically diagnosed reasons for infertility.
One of the first things we discussed was my blood sugar levels. I was tested and sure enough, my blood sugar levels were too low. Once we stabilized my blood sugar, we started acupuncture treatments in September.
My treatments were very relaxing. By the end of my first session I was looking forward to my next treatment just for the relaxation benefits. Within my first month of acupuncture, my PMS symptoms greatly diminished.
In November, my husband and I nervously took a pregnancy test and to my complete shock, it turned positive immediately! I am so thankful for Dr. Perrine and his treatment. I fully believe that through stabilizing my blood sugar and by using acupuncture that we were helped in conceiving.
— Raeleen Grzybowski

Ankle Fracture

I’m ecstatic - my only regret is not getting to this highly-effective doctor sooner!  I had been enduring over 4 years of mind-numbing pain from a stair fall which resulted in a crushed ankle followed by 3 surgeries, 9 back injections, 6 ankle injections, most of a year wheel-chair bound and a year of physical therapy. 
Upon being referred to Dr. Perrine by an acquaintance, I called and was scheduled promptly. A thorough history was taken and Dr Perrine had a ‘plan of action’ to get me effectively treated.  
I encourage anyone suffering with pain, even after surgery, to consult Perrine Chiropractic Health Center at once - pain is too difficult to live with...when it needn’t be!
— Eve Albee

Compassionate Care

Dr. Perrine has been a blessing in our lives and I confidently tell every person who says they are experiencing a decline in health to seek his guidance. The office is a seamless combination of wisdom and gentleness demonstrated both by himself and his kindhearted staff. To spend time with Dr. Perrine is to experience compassion and sincerity firsthand – qualities that make his practice honorable, which in my opinion is a rarity in today’s world.
— Darlene Cleaver

Hand Pain Post Surgery

I had extensive arthritis hand surgery 2 months ago. The recovery was a lot harder than expected, with constant pain. After only one adjustment and one acupuncture treatment...wow! I can’t believe it! My hand actually feels like a hand!
Rarely do you find someone with such passion, compassion, education and who will thinks “outside the box” to achieve the best results for your well being. ( I should have known when a well respected MD referred him.) I’ve been under chiropractic care since 5 years of age; I was even married to one. So I know instantly when someone is capable or exceptional. I knew right away Dr. Perrine had gentle, yet very effective techniques. Thank you Dr. Perrine!
(I would also like to add his office staff is just as accommodating and caring).
— Kelly Baldecchi

Medical Doctors

Dr. Perrine,
I am writing this letter to personally thank you for all the incredible, caring, and sincere attention you have given the many patients that I have referred to you. They have uniformly been impressed with your expertise with regard to their medical care, and your sincere interest in their physical improvement. In some cases, the response has been nothing less than miraculous.
As a referring physician and personal patient, I greatly appreciate all that you do. Your practice is definitely an asset to the community.
— Brian K. Jorgensen, M.D.

CrossFit Athletes

For CrossFit athletes, recovery is both a foundational component of their training program and a key to attaining their overall fitness goals.  As the Wellness Coach at CrossFit Chaparral, Dr. Perrine has been instrumental in helping our athletes optimize their recovery process, teaching them how to prevent injuries, and offering them the very best in treatment options for injuries if they do occur. 
Personally, I have sought Dr. Perrine’s chiropractic and acupuncture talents for treatment of a variety of specific injuries and to increase my functional mobility.  In every instance, I have left Dr. Perrine’s office ready for the next WOD and with a plan for continued treatment.  On behalf of all of us at CrossFit Chaparral, thank you!
— Frank Shirvinski - Owner


A few months ago, I was T-boned in a car accident and hit pretty hard. A few days later I was still really stiff and sore and could barely move my upper body. I spoke with Dr. Perrine and he told me to come in as soon as possible for a check-up. The staff was great and extremely accommodating with my schedule.
Dr. Perrine was very thorough and performed a few different computerized scans to identify all of the vertebrae that were out of alignment. He was very patient with me, answered all my questions, and made sure I understood the treatment plan. I saw Dr. Perrine three times a week for a while and noticed steady improvement. Being limited in my ability to move and participate in my usual workouts was frustrating for me, but Dr. Perrine was very encouraging and supportive.
Everyone at Perrine Chiropractic was pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful during my recovery. I am happy to say that with the treatment I received from Dr. Perrine after my accident, my back feels stronger and better than ever!
— Jenny Statler

Heartburn/Acid Reflux

I have suffered from chronic heartburn for about the past five years. I had been treating it with over the counter medication, but was getting very frustrated with my lack of improvement. I actually felt my heartburn was getting worse. While visiting Dr. Perrine for a routine adjustment, we started talking about my symptoms.
Under his care, I stared taking a digestive enzyme supplement called Metazyme and another called Zinlori to heal my stomach. Within one week of taking it with meals, I was amazed at how much better I felt. I feel less bloated, digestion has become much easier, and my heartburn has completely resolved. It is now a pleasure to open my medicine cabinet and see the bottle of heartburn medication simply sitting there unneeded.
— Raeleen Grzybowski

Knee Arthritis

I came to Dr. Perrine’s office suffering from pain and severe swelling in my right knee due to osteoarthritis. I had this problem for few years, but last year I tried a PRP (platelet rich plasma) injection.
Unfortunately, I developed side effects from the injection. More pain, swelling, and tightness in my knee. It was so bad I was having problems walking even short distances.
After about six acupunctures treatments, my condition was much better. The swelling was gone along with most of the pain and stiffness. After visiting my orthopedist for a different condition, he was amazed at my response to acupuncture.
It has been 4 months and I have almost no pain and feel about 95% better. I can exercise again and do things that use to do before. I believe that acupuncture has helped me tremendously.
— Wanda Chyla

Carpal Tunnel

I suffer from chronic carpal tunnel syndrome sustained most likely from years of computer work. I had severe numbness and tingling in my right hand and sometimes in my left hand as well. Holding a fork or knife to eat was impossible without discomfort. I was constantly trying to ‘wake up’ my hand.
My family practice doctor referred me to occupational therapy and prescribed anti-inflammatory pills. I was also given a brace. Surgery was an option, but I was skeptical since I have known others who had hand surgery only to their regret.
When I drove into the parking lot of Dr. Perrine’s office for the first time, my fingers, like usual, were numb from gripping the steering wheel of my car. I was skeptical and tentative, but open to try something different for my hand problem. When I left the parking lot after my first acupuncture treatment I was convinced and hopeful that this was going to be my answer to a years-long problem. My first acupuncture treatment was nothing short of a miracle for me. My regular treatments significantly reduce my symptoms and have brought back full mobility to my hand so I can lead a normal life.
Dr. Perrine is a caring and compassionate person who genuinely listens to me. He is very supportive in my quest for well being, beyond just my carpal tunnel issues. He is passionate about helping others holistically, which is a refreshing change when it comes to choosing a healthcare provider today. I prefer not feeling like I’m a ‘number’ or just a ‘condition.’ I’m a person who is looked after by Dr. Perrine and his staff and that’s a wonderful feeling!  
If you have a chronic condition and need relief,at least try acupuncture. It doesn’t hurt, there are no pills to take, it’s reasonably priced and it works. I’d rather have a monthly acupuncture treatment than take prescription pills everyday for my condition.
— Bonnie Serino


I had been unable to sleep for a long while before I talked to Dr. Perrine about trying acupuncture. Sleeping pills weren’t helping and all they did was make me tired all day. It was just a never ending cycle that was driving me nuts.
After only 5 or 6 treatments, I started being able to sleep again. My schedule went back to normal and I wasn’t tired all day. It didn’t take long to notice a big difference as I felt more relaxed after my first day of care.
— Kara Kline

Ironman Athletes

I wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for all that you have done for me over the past 5 plus years.  As you know I am a very active person.  I do a lot of training for Triathlons which consists of running, biking, and swimming.  Before I starting coming to see you, I always seemed to be battling one injury or another,  whether it was a bad back, shoulder pain or something with my legs. 
I really appreciate the way you always take the time to explain how the body works and how everything is linked together.  It always seems like I have a hundred questions for you and I always get them answered.  You and your staff provide excellent patient care.  Hands down the best practice I’ve ever been to.  My hat goes off to you and them.
In the last 3 years I have competed in multiple running and triathlon races.   Two of those races were Ironman Triathlons, consisting of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run.  I have improved my time in each of my races and contribute that to regular chiropractic treatments.  I truly believe that these treatments have kept me injury free and helped me reach my goals.  My family and I will always make Perrine Chiropractic a part of our lives.
— Lon Allen

Chronic Sinusitis

I have been seeing Dr. Perrine over ten years for a variety of reasons. I had an issue with my sinuses two years ago that left me debilitated with chronic sinus infections, ear infections and three cases of pneumonia all in the span of a year. I was unable to resolve the sinus infection so I sought the care of an amazing ENT who CAT scanned my sinuses to see what was going on. Four of my eight sinus pathways were obstructed.
My ENT thought that surgery would end up being our course of action and began the process of educating me on the procedure. After doing research, I was horrified and terrified by the thought of surgery. My ENT was very respectful of my fear and elected to move very slowly and offered we look at alternative treatment in conjunction with the medication while we considered all options.
I called Dr. Perrine right away to see if acupuncture could offer relief. The acupuncture took the swelling down and helped relieve the pain from the pressure. For the first time in over a year there was flow in my sinuses. Over the next few weeks I saw Dr. P for acupuncture treatments - more flow and more relief with each visit.
I am a year out from when surgery was first mentioned and there is no more talk of surgery :). I had been on the medication for nearly two years with no measurable improvement. Acupuncture made the difference and helped my body to heal.
I am so grateful. Dr. Perrine and his staff have always been there for me when I have had a life changing health crisis or just needed to get my daily health back in line. I am grateful for Dr. P’s care.
— Tamra Wade

Adrenal Fatigue/Gluten Sensitivity

I just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to Dr. Perrine and Erin for working so diligently with me to get me feeling great and now keeping me that way. I had been feeling extremely fatigued for a while (1 year +), I was having several digestive issues, I was anxious and irritable; and I had a few other unexplainable symptoms. It didn’t seem to matter how much sleep I had the night before, I was always so tired.
Dr. Perrine discovered I’m gluten/wheat sensitive and I was very low in Vitamin D. After removing wheat from my diet, almost all of the symptoms disappeared within a couple weeks. We added some essential supplements and vitamins; and now I can honestly say I feel 110%!
I thought …all this was so simple. Why didn’t I address these issues sooner?? Well, actually I did. I went to my internist for my digestive issues and he put me on Prilosec. Well, it helped for a couple of weeks, and then I was back to feeling terrible again. We were only covering up a problem, not addressing it.
Oh, and I forgot to mention… I live in Bozeman, Montana now (previously lived in Scottsdale, Arizona); and we have accomplished all this via phone, email and Facebook. Dr. Perrine addresses any questions I may have, and Erin ships my supplements to me on a schedule where I’ll never miss a dose. So easy!
— Roxane Longano


I’ve been receiving acupuncture treatments from Dr. Perrine for several years now. I have occasional bouts of depression and anxiety, and after several sessions of acupuncture, I start to feel balanced and calm again. I also have irritable bowel problems and acupuncture has helped in that area also by calming all the nerves in the gut area.
About 2 months ago I mentioned to Dr. Perrine that my knees felt sore after hiking in the hills. He used acupuncture treatment once again on my knees and they feel much better. Dr. Perrine is kind, caring and listens to his patients.
I recommend him highly and I’m delighted I have him in my arsenal of caring doctors. He is always there when I need him.
— Sue G.


The changes in my health have amazed me. One of the areas of significant change has been in regards to nerve damage that occurred in my feet. Pain and numbness were common for me. I literally was told by my primary physician that there was no way to reverse that type of damage once it occurred. Dr. Perrine suggested using acupuncture. I was willing to try it. And, I have to say, I am amazed with the results. In measuring my year anniversary since starting treatments, I feel like I have once again reached a defining moment. I went for a massage and cried when I discovered how much feeling had returned to my feet. I feel as though I have been given a second chance. All I can say is that the acupuncture has made a significant difference on my path to wellness.
— Linda Alvarez

Smoking Cessation  

Like most smokers I know, they do not want to be smokers. I had wanted to quit for years and thought I tried it all: the patch, the gum, the drugs, cold turkey―no success.
It was truly a miracle to me. I just had my one year (smoke-free) anniversary!
— Kimberly Mercer

Bell's Palsy

I was not familiar with Bell’s palsy until recently diagnosed with this condition that caused paralysis to the muscles on the left side of my face. Thankfully, a dear friend referred me to Dr. Perrine. He started me on a series of acupuncture treatments and added a B-complex vitamin to my routine.
I received a total of six acupuncture treatments over a three week period and at the end of that time had fully regained the use of my facial muscles. I am truly grateful to Dr. Perrine for his compassion and expertise. He was truly instrumental to my recovery!
— Patti Keeling

Food Sensitivities/Weight Loss

This has changed my life! I feel amazing, I wake up with more energy and a more hopeful outcome in general and as a side benefit have lost 25 pounds that I had been trying to get off of me for 4 years with little to no success.
I remember the day I received my food sensitivity test results and you telling me ‘Stephanie, I think this is going to change your life.’ I have not been to the doctor one time this year and I previously averaged a visit every two to three weeks dealing with my sinus infections, flu like symptoms, and migraines.
I most appreciate your understanding of my need to just ‘KNOW WHY.’ I have a major frustration with western medicine because no one is interested in answering that question for me. Thank you for always taking the time to truly talk with me and understanding where I’m at.
— Stephanie Allen

KC Royals Medical Staff

The work of Dr. Perrine with our players and staff has been integral in our ability to overcome the stresses of a grueling Spring Training. David’s professionalism, skill, and understanding of movement as it relates to sport places our players in great hands from a chiropractic treatment prospective.
— Nick D. Kenney, A.T.,C./CSCS

Migraine Headaches

I was having chronic migraine headaches about once a month and taking prescription drugs to get rid of them. I then started seeing Dr. Perrine for acupuncture in addition to adjustments and was excited when I started to see results right away.
Early on in treatment, when I would suffer a migraine, the pain was considerably less and easy to get rid of. After a couple of months of acupuncture, my migraines went away and I haven’t had one in over a year!
I’m still seeing Dr. Perrine for regular adjustments and acupuncture, delighted with how well it makes me feel. I highly recommend acupuncture as an alternative treatment to prescription drugs. It has been extremely effective and improved my overall health.
— Kacy Marshall

Family Care

Dr Perrine has been treating our entire family for years. My husband, myself, and our children get regular adjustments and see him for any injuries or other health concerns such as nutrition, orthotics, posture, and general wellness. We also receive top grade supplements and dietary aides that are available right there in the office.
I trust Dr Perrine with most of our family’s health related needs. I research many of the topics we discuss and find he possesses extensive knowledge. I will always consult him when I have concerns for my family’s well-being.  He has helped all of us recover quickly from various sports injuries using both acupuncture and chiropractic care.
I haven’t even mentioned his wonderful manner and how much he cares for his patients. He never rushes us, he asks us questions and is such a compassionate person. I and my family will always bring our health needs to Dr Perrine and recommend him to anyone who is in need of great holistic care!
— Michelle Blythe

Disc Bulge

I first visited Dr. Perrine because of a pinched nerve in my neck that was causing severe pain and numbness in my hand and arm. I was not able to sleep for more than an hour at a time and generally felt miserable most of the time.
I had been to chiropractors previously, but never had acupuncture before. I was quite skeptical about acupuncture simply because I didn’t know much about it.
I am a skeptic no more. The combination of chiropractic and acupuncture treatments I received helped tremendously. I am pain free with no numbness, sleeping through the night and returning to my active lifestyle. Amazing how the body can heal itself without surgery or pills.
— Gregg Dufort


Sometimes I allow the stress of a busy life to get out of hand.  It happened recently, and I realized I was feeling anxious about small things.  My mind and body were “out of alignment.”  I always see Dr. Perrine to keep my spine in alignment, so I called the office to see if they had any suggestions to align my mind and body. They mentioned the numerous people who had benefitted from acupuncture for such issues. 
By that evening I was feeling myself again.  No drugs, no side effects, just a great doctor, a unique treatment and a God whose creation works best in balance.  I love it when Dr. Perrine says, “Don’t put God in a box.” We truly are wonderfully made.
— Barbara Brown

Tennis Elbow

I am writing to thank you for the treatment I received while I was a patient of yours. I am grateful for Dr. Brian Jorgensen for recommending me to you. I had never used acupuncture for any treatment until I came to see you. I firmly believe that your practice was a healing source for my elbow.
I also thank God for my healing and using you as an extension of him. I’m grateful that we met. I feel my treatment has been successful and I am a testimony for the treatment of acupuncture. Should I ever feel I need your services again, I will not hesitate to call your office. Thank you again.
— Joseph L. Bollinger

Hip Pain

As a dentist here in the Scottsdale area for almost 20 years, I have been plagued with pain in my lower back and hips. However, it has been doctor David Perrine that has kept me in shape. With regular adjustments as well as acupuncture when an episode would manifest, he would have me back to health very quickly!  I honestly feel you could not find a more capable and genuinely caring professional. So much so, I trust him with the care of my wife and my two daughters as well.
— Kory Blythe, D.D.S.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

On New Year’s Eve 2006, I was hospitalized for a week with severe stomach issues. I had undergone 2 colonoscopies, and an endoscopy procedure to find out why parts of my intestinal tract were inflamed. I suffered from severe diarrhea and was bleeding from my bowels, but doctors were not able to find any underlying cause or condition. After spending a week in the hospital and receiving antibiotic treatment and nutrition through only an IV I was sent home without any diagnosis. I was a 35 year old woman with two young children who had to carry her own ‘diaper bag’ around because I could not control my bowels and was unable to reach a restroom in time. I continued seeing specialists and having more colonoscopies run, but the medical field had still not diagnosed any specific cause.
Living in Houston, I always see Dr. Perrine for chiropractic care while visiting my parents. He and I decided to try acupuncture for all of the intestinal issues. Wow, what a remarkable experience that was! That very evening of my first treatment, I felt relief that I hadn’t experienced in over 6 months! Six months of medical doctors and endless tests with no results or relief, but now after a week of acupuncture I felt like a real human being again
— Michelle Wickens


About a year ago, I returned from a trip to Hawaii. I had some mild motion sickness during the trip, which is not unusual for me. When we arrived home though, the sense of mild nausea and disorientation didn’t go away. Several days passed, and it was getting no better. The only relief I could find was to sleep, but the more I slept, the more exhausted I felt.
I turned to the internet to research vertigo and the treatments that were available. When I read a recommendation to see an acupuncturist, I thought of Dr. Perrine, who is already my chiropractor. I went in to see him immediately, and the first treatment relieved my misery for several hours. I did not find the needles painful at all, and the experience was actually relaxing in a way.
Each subsequent treatment relieved the symptoms a bit longer than the last, until finally the symptoms went away 100%. As I recall it was resolved within about 2 weeks, and I have not had any problems since. Thanks Dr. Perrine!
— Laura M.


I was dealing with shooting pain in on the right side of my mouth to the point I could not talk or eat without crying. I didn’t know where to turn. Many of my friends said, ‘TMJ, I went to acupuncture.’
Acupuncture, no way! I was scared about the needles and not really sure it worked. However, as time went on and the pain was not going away what did I have to lose? The pain from the needles couldn’t be any worse than the pain I was already in.
So, my dentist referred me to Dr. Perrine. I am so glad I made the decision to make the phone call. I now only have occasional flare ups that might last for 5 seconds but no longer suffer the constant pain in my mouth. Now, this did not happen overnight and I had to see Dr. Perrine several times, but finally there was change. Now there seems to be permanent relief. I will miss going into the office weekly as the staff is top notch, but happy to know where to go if needed.
Thank you for taking the fear out of the process and taking the pain away from my mouth.
— Lynn Walsh

Irritable Bladder

I am a 44 year old woman who for nearly a decade has been battling bladder issues. I have seen five Urologists and one Urogynecologist along with many cystoscopies (scope of the bladder and urinary tract).  The Urologists have never been able to determine how to help me other than to prescribe a drug for over-active bladders.  The prescription helped for a while, but my symptoms returned a year ago and so I just had to try to deal with being uncomfortable a lot of the time. 
When I explained my issues, Dr. Perrine first asked if I had seen my GP to ensure I did not have an infection.  I explained that while my symptoms were like an infection, urinalysis showed no infection.  He suggested that likely my issue was that the nerves of the bladder were over-stimulated and needed to be calmed down and that Acupuncture could help. 
I should also add that I am terrified of needles – not your basic “I don’t like needles” type of fear, but a full-on phobia. I found that while I was extremely nervous, I felt surprisingly safe and secure.  I think this is because Dr. Perrine is so kind and professional and clearly knows what he is doing.
After the very first treatment I felt significantly better and after one treatment per week for four weeks I felt like a new person!  I can’t express enough how grateful I am to Dr. Perrine.  I feel like I wasted a lot of years feeling miserable, but now I have a treatment that works. I feel very hopeful about a future where I am winning the battle with my bladder!
— Stacey Morton