"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside."

Maya Angelou




The Common Sense Guide to Healthy Living

The above quote is more than words, it is what compelled me to tell my story as well. It has always been my passion to provide people with direction and guidance to make quality choices when it comes to living healthier lives. This culminated in years of research and study to organize a "common sense" resource guide for those interested in obtaining optimal health and finding harmony in body, mind and spirit.

The Common Sense Guide to Healthy Living provides you with a simple, yet comprehensive approach to complete wellbeing―physically, nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually. Containing the key principles of health, this book presents a broad, yet straightforward wealth of information. Providing you an eight-week program with clear steps that are easy to implement, The Common Sense Guide to Healthy Living will help you transform your life.


“The Common Sense Guide to Healthy Living hits one out of the park. Your health is precious and Dr. Perrine lays a solid foundation for good health and wellness, naturally.”

          Patrick Hammond, D.C.―Team Chiropractor for the Kansas City Royals

“This book could not be timelier, or more practical. The need for healthy lifestyle changes is hardly a secret. Dr. Perrine has outlined a series of low cost, common sense approaches that most of us can utilize to improve our health, our outlook, our experience and our impact along life’s journey. Come and share the joy in discovering that it is never too late to improve your health.”

          Michael Drury, M.D.―Anasazi Internal Medicine

“The Common Sense Guide to Healthy Living successfully explores the integration of the spiritual, mental, physical and communal components of the human experience. This accessible work strives to positively affect the well-being of the whole person through sound education, relevant examples, and practical encouragement. If you are willing to begin the best years of your life, opening this text is...CommonSense.”

          Frank Shirvinski―Lead Pastor, Chaparral Christian Church

“Optimal health can only be obtained when we become proactive regarding our body, mind and spirit. The Common Sense Guide to Healthy Living is an Almanac, guiding you in multiple pathways of health, healing and wholeness. This book is filled with profound insights presented in a simple and clear style. Follow Dr. Perrine’s eight-week program as outlined and you too can see your health soar and your life positively impacted by putting these principles into daily practice and thus avoid the costs of being ill.”

          Robert Bailey, PharmD., M.D.―Bailey Family Medical Care

“Dr. Perrine reveals the time-tested principles to living a healthy and sensational life in his easy to read common sense guide that makes being healthy and whole a reality for us all. Discover how to dramatically improve both the quality and quantity of your years. Read this book as if your life depended on it—because it does.”

          Bob Hoffman, D.C.―Bestselling Author of Discover Wellness

“FINALLY, someone has taken up the challenge of preparing a “primer” so to speak for healthy living...emotionally AND physically! As an internist providing primary care with an emphasis on preventative care, I can’t thank Dr.Perrine enough. I look forward to incorporating this  interesting and valuable information into my practice. I have no doubts that my patients will enjoy it and learn from it. THANK YOU, Dr. Perrine!”

          Brian Jorgensen, M.D.―Tatum Ridge Internal Medicine