"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need." 

Ancient Ayurvedic Proverb




Advanced Diagnostics And Personalized Treatment,

Transforming Health Restoration Into Vital Energy

Have you ever felt like just another number at your physician's office? You enter, take your seat, and then wait for the next hour or so to spend five minutes with the doctor. Many times, this encounter ends with a simple prescription for a medication that is designed to treat your symptoms, NOT correct the underlying cause of your problem. While Traditional Healthcare looks at the leaves of the tree to evaluate it's health, ADAPT and THRIVE examines the roots and soil where most problems begin and true health resides. Just like your fingerprint, your genetic code is unique to you. We believe your healthcare should reflect that fact. 

I and my family will always bring our health needs to Dr. Perrine and recommend him to anyone who is in need of great holistic care!
— Michelle Blythe

ADAPT and THRIVE provides you with a simple, yet comprehensive approach to complete wellbeing—physically, nutritionally, emotionally, and spiritually. Our present health care system is based on the reactive treatment of disease such as high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, and allergies to name but a few. ADAPT and THRIVE is science-based and patient-centered, focusing on the underlying cause and primary prevention of disease as opposed to merely treating the symptoms of chronic illness. 

It is now a pleasure to open my medicine cabinet and see the bottle of heartburn medication simply sitting there unneeded.
— Raeleen Grzybowski

By shifting away from the traditional disease-centered focus to a more patient-centered approach, ADAPT and THRIVE addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. As such, we spend time with our patients, listening to their story and looking at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can influence long-term health. This allows us to provide you with a specific plan designed for your unique physiology. 

You are unlike anyone who has ever lived on this planet. Shouldn't you be treated that way? 

This has changed my life! I feel amazing, I wake up with more energy and a more hopeful outcome in general and as a side benefit have lost 25 pounds that I had been trying to get off of me for 4 years with little to no success.
— Stephanie Allen


Working with Dr. Perrine

The way that Dr. Perrine works with patient's differs considerably from the conventional medical model with which you may be accustomed. Please read the following information thoroughly to familiarize yourself with our process. There is also a section at the end that describes our fee structure regarding functional medicine.

As a new patient, your treatment is broken into two phases:

The Case Review

Ongoing Treatment

Each phase is described in more detail below.

Phase One: The Case Review

The Case Review is the first step for all new patients. The Case Review process is designed to save money and time in the long-term by performing the appropriate diagnostic testing and evaluation before treatment begins. A cornerstone of our approach is “Test, don’t guess.” Identifying the underlying patterns contributing to disease is the key to a successful and lasting outcome.

The Case Review serves several purposes. It enables Dr. Perrine to more accurately estimate how long your treatment program will last, what it will include, and how much it will cost. It also gives you the chance to ask any questions you may have about your condition and what you should expect moving forward. Finally, the Case Review provides an opportunity for us to get to know each other and determine if our clinic is a good fit for you over the long-term.

The Case Review includes:

  • A thorough review of your medical history and relevant previous lab work.
  • A determination as to which current lab tests to order.
  • A review of your current diet and nutritional supplements.
  • A detailed body systems assessment.
  • A 60-minute in-person consultation to review your results and present your treatment plan.
  • A treatment plan including diet, supplements and lifestyle therapies.
  • Recommendations for further testing (if necessary).

The Case Review process includes two steps, which are described in more detail below.


Prior to your appointment, Dr. Perrine will thoroughly examine your records to determine which lab tests to order, based on your chief complaints and your health history.

The Initial Consult appointment serves two purposes: to make sure that we have all of the information needed to gain a comprehensive understanding of many of the factors affecting your health and to give you an opportunity to ask any questions before we move into the next phase. What sets us apart from other health care providers is that we consider ourselves as your as your health partner. As such, we are committed to helping you reach your goals.

The exact lab testing ordered after the Initial Consult depends on your individual circumstances, but may include:

  • A comprehensive blood chemistry panel is the single most efficient, effective, and affordable tool for quickly evaluating your health. Unlike many common blood tests, our test includes over 50 valuable markers. It screens for a wide range of conditions, including several types of anemia; gut, viral and bacterial infections; insulin resistance and hypoglycemia; liver and kidney issues; thyroid and adrenal problems. It offers important clues for how to structure and focus your treatment to get the best results. And it provides a baseline of biomarkers that can be used to objectively track the progress of your treatment over time.
  • Additional blood tests for specific conditions such as cardiovascular disease, hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, and gluten sensitivity.
  • Micronutrient testing provides the most comprehensive nutrient analysis available, measuring functional deficiencies at the cellular level. It is an assessment of how well the body utilizes 33 vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, antioxidants, and metabolites. Unlike serum measures, cellular levels provide a more accurate view of nutrient utilization and need.
  • Food sensitivity testing helps uncover specifics foods that may be at the root of your health issues. It is estimated that 95 out of 100 people have sensitivities to certain foods. When consumed, these foods create a low grade inflammation within the body, triggering the immune system to become overactive.
  • Advanced stool testing to screen for parasites, fungal overgrowth, and bacterial infections; measure intestinal inflammation, evaluate digestive function, and screen for dysbiosis (a deficiency of beneficial gut bacteria).
  • Urine organic acids testing to screen for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, fungal overgrowth, problems metabolizing fat or carbohydrate, B-vitamin status, methylation issues, detoxification capacity, oxidative stress, and neurotransmitter metabolism.
  • Urine hormone testing for adrenal and sex hormone status.

Our staff will provide you an email with the Comprehensive Health History paperwork to complete. It is important that you spend time and energy completing these intake forms, as they are vital in helping us understand your case. This paperwork includes:

  • A detailed health and medical history. 
  • A survey of your chief complaints and most important health goals.
  • An assessment of your most troubling and frequently experienced symptoms.
  • A diet survey and questionnaire.
  • A survey of your current supplements and medications.

We will also send you a link to our Nutri-Q symptom questionnaire. This will provide us not only a baseline of your current health complaints, it will also allow us to monitor your subjective improvement in great detail, making sure we reach your goals.

Once we’ve received your lab results, you will move on to Step 2: the Case Review Consultation. This typically occurs between 45 and 60 days after the Initial Consultation, because some of the labs we use take up to 4 weeks to deliver the results to us after receiving your sample. While you wait for your labs to come back, you will be implementing the 30-day Reset diet and making forward progress.


The Case Review Treatment Plan is a 60-minute, in-person appointment. If you live outside of the Scottsdale, AZ area, you must make arrangements to travel to our clinic for the appointment.

Prior to the report, Dr. Perrine will review the results from the labs that were ordered along with your Comprehensive History paperwork, previous medical records, diet and supplement survey, assessment forms and relevant prior lab work. With this information in hand, he will prepare your personal Health Restoration Plan, which is broken into three parts:

  • A summary of the underlying patterns that are contributing to your symptoms.
  • An outline of the suggested treatment plan, including dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations.
  • Recommendations for further testing (this will typically be minimal, if necessary at all, because of the completeness of the Case Review process).

Phase Two: Ongoing Treatment

Once the Case Review is complete, you’ll have follow-up appointments on an as needed basis throughout the remainder of your treatment plan.

The first follow-up appointment generally occurs between six and ten weeks after your Case Review Consultation. At that time, Dr. Perrine will review your progress on the treatment plan, along with any follow-up test results, and make additional recommendations as necessary.

From there, the frequency of your follow-up appointments will depend upon the severity of your condition as well as your response to the treatment.

You may schedule follow-up appointments in person in our office, on the phone, or via Skype. 

Case Review Fees

The Case Review is the fastest and most efficient way to determine the underlying causes of your health problems and design an effective treatment plan. While a Case Review may cost more than a typical initial visit to a physician, it is designed to save you money and time over the long-term by performing the appropriate diagnostic testing and evaluation before treatment begins.

Dr. Perrine has an hourly fee of $300 per hour, which is charged in 15 minute blocks. 

Here is a breakdown of the costs involved in the Case Review, with an outline of when fees are billed so you can plan accordingly.

Laboratory Tests

The fee for laboratory tests ordered during the case review process is typically $600–$1,500 depending on the complexity of your condition and level of diagnostics required.


The fee for supplements that are prescribed as part of your treatment plan after the Case Review is typically $150–$300. You will have the opportunity to approve or decline the supplements Dr. Perrine suggests before you are charged for them.

Grand Total of Case Review Fees

The total you should expect to pay for the entire Case Review process with Dr. Perrine is roughly $1,750–$3,700.

Approximately $850–$1,850 of this will be due after the Initial Consult, and $900–$2,050 will be due after the Treatment Plan review.

Ongoing Treatment Fees

Follow-up appointments are scheduled in 15 minute blocks; the total appointment time depending on your case complexity. These fees would breakdown as following:

  • $75 for 15 minutes
  • $150 for 30 minutes
  • $225 for 45 minutes
  • $300 for 60 minutes.  

Laboratory Tests/Supplements

Ongoing lab fees and supplements vary considerably depending on the patient and treatment plan. Please remember that these initial investments in your health will be temporary. As you recover your health, the need for testing and supplementation will continue to reduce. It is our goal to empower you to maintain your new found health through your new found lifestyle choices.