It has been said we are currently in the midst of a “Wellness Revolution,” but what exactly does that mean? Wellness and health are terms that are often used, but poorly understood. For many, wellness simply means not being sick. That definition falls short of what true wellness entails. A more accurate definition of wellness is: “The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort.” Wellness doesn’t just happen, it requires action.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."

Thomas Edison

State-of-the-art testing procedures and innovative evaluation systems allow us to assess the true function of your body. With this valuable information, we can provide you with supportive recommendations and assist you in making the necessary changes needed to reach your goals. Here a few of the cutting edge labs with which we work:

Think of wellness in terms of money. Would you rather be rich, or just not poor? Would you rather be well, or just not sick? You may be saying to yourself, “I know I’m healthy because I feel ok.” How you feel can be a very dangerous approach when it comes to gauging your health. Many serious diseases are significantly advanced before symptoms appear.

The practice of Functional Medicine helps us provide you with true quality HEALTH care rather than the traditional SICKNESS care that our current system provides. Our present health care system is based on the reactive treatment of disease (high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, allergies...). Functional medicine is science-based and patient-centered, focusing on the underlying cause and primary prevention of disease as opposed to merely treating the symptoms of chronic illness.

Our ROADMAP program is science-based, grounded in the following principles:

  1. BulletBiochemical Individuality:

        Taking into account the unique variations we all possess.

  1. BulletPatient Centered:

        Emphasizing personal health promotion rather than generalized disease centered care.

  1. BulletPhysiological Order:

        Focusing on the necessity of internal and external equilibrium to attain true health.

  1. BulletHolistic View:

        Striving to help people find balance in all areas of life—body, mind, and spirit.

  1. BulletBody System Integration:

        Understanding that the body is highly complex, requiring all parts to work in harmony.

  1. BulletSpectraCell

     MicroNutrient testing to accurately measure the vitamin and mineral levels in your body’s cells.

     Telomere testing to provide a window to your true cellular age.

  1. BulletImmunoLab

      Analysis of potential food sensitivities that can result in significant chronic health problems.

  1. BulletGenova

       Leader in the development of advanced metabolic, toxicity, and nutritional testing.

  1. BulletDiagnos-Techs

       Non-invasive testing including hormones, bone health, cardiovascular risks, and stress markers.

Downloadable Health Resources:
Nutrient Function Chart
Prescription Depletion Chart
Healthy 4 Life Power Smoothie
ALCAT Sample Report
Acid-Alkaline Food Chart
Dirty Dozen™ & Clean Fifteen™Wellnes_files/Spectracell%20Nutrient%20Chart.pdfWellnes_files/Spectracell%20Prescription%20Depletion%20Chart.pdfWellnes_files/Power%20Smoothie%201.pdfWellnes_files/ALCAT%20Sample%20Report.pdfWellnes_files/Acid-Alkaline%20Food%20Chart.pdfWellnes_files/Dirty%20Dozen%20Pesticide%20Guide.pdfshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1shapeimage_7_link_2shapeimage_7_link_3shapeimage_7_link_4shapeimage_7_link_5

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